Arrow Lake Foundation

"Committed to Improving Our Community"


The Arrow Lake Foundation was formed in 2013 with the lofty and worthy mission of benefitting the community of Mount Pleasant, Tennessee.  The Foundation’s mission is comprised of three pillars -- Health, Education, and Conservation -- and its activities in each pillar are aimed at supporting a better quality of life for all Mount Pleasant area citizens.

The Foundation intends to carry out its mission by engaging in grant-making to charities that benefit the community and otherwise collaborating in activities directed at improving community health.  With this goal in mind, the Foundation’s first service project, on the day of its launch, was a community health fair and food distribution program at the Mount Pleasant Community Center benefitting hundreds of citizens.  Future plans include numerous community partnerships and collaborative projects to improve the quality of life for all Mount Pleasant area citizens.  For example, plans are being developed for a partnership with students on community gardens and orchards, and the Foundation’s focus may include access to high quality medical resources in terms of transportation and affordability as well as availability of health and wellness screenings and vaccinations.

In addition, the Foundation’s long-term vision also includes a focus on working towards revitalizing and reopening Arrow Lake.  Arrow Lake is a serene treasure that the Foundation desires to reopen to recreational and educational activities by the general public. 

The Community Development Corporation (CDC) has focus areas of Education, Quality of Lifestyle, and Economic Development, and the CDC and the Foundation anticipate that their work will be aligned.