Arrow Lake Foundation

"Committed to Improving Our Community"


The Foundation is committed to the health of the community.  The Arrow Lake Foundation will be engaged in short- and medium-range projects of practical service focused on improving the health of Mount Pleasant area citizens.  Numerous factors are involved in wellness and both individually and cumulatively have a tremendous potential impact on a person’s health destiny, including personal choices about lifestyle, diet, and fitness; access to health information and health care; and environmental health.

     Health is the first of the three pillars of the Foundation’s work (Health, Education, and Conservation) because health has a vital and immediate impact on both individuals and the overall community.

     With a focus on helping Mount Pleasant area residents have better health opportunities, on the day of the Arrow Lake Foundation’s launch it sponsored a highly successful day of service in which hundreds of citizens participated.  The day included a health fair and a food distribution event, both of which were hosted in the Mount Pleasant Community Center.  Tying the launch of the Foundation to the hosting of the health fair is symbolic of the Foundation’s Board of Directors’ commitment to practical, measurable service to Mount Pleasant citizens.  As succinctly said by Dr. Mike Tyler, a Foundation member, “It’s a great thing for the community to be working together, all of us benefiting from it…that’s the whole mindset of the Foundation.”