Arrow Lake Foundation

"Committed to Improving Our Community"


Education provides the tools to build solutions for all our challenges.  The Arrow Lake Foundation’s commitment to education is going to be exemplified with a two-word guideline:  positive collaboration.

The Foundation’s pillars (Health, Education, and Conservation) dovetail with those of the Community Development Center (CDC) (Education, Quality of Lifestyle, Economic Development).  The overlap on education provides an opportunity for the organizations to collaborate synergistically for the benefit of the community.

The Foundation wants to work with school leaders, teachers, parents, and students to collaborate on education’s role in improving our community.  To this end, the Arrow Lake Foundation has assisted school leaders and teachers who support a nonprofit organization that fills backpacks with necessary school supplies for local elementary students.  In the future, the Foundation anticipates developing projects such as partnering with Mount Pleasant High School’s agriculture department to develop an orchard and community garden, a Summer STEM* program, GPS training, and creating hiking trails and using old railroad beds to create walk/bike trails.  Such walking and biking trails would be part of a long-term goal of linking Arrow Lake and Mount Pleasant.

*The national STEM push in education places an emphasis on rigor and excellence in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.