Arrow Lake Foundation

"Committed to Improving Our Community"


In her vivid, nostalgic essay “Arrow Lake Memories,” Mount Pleasant native and resident Sara Cummins writes poignantly about a simpler time in her and the town’s history that she now sees “through aging eyes.”

     “Sleepily, I watch the sun slip through gray clouds, remnants of a nighttime shower. Mist rises quickly over the calm water as ducks diligently begin their morning quest for food. I take a deep breath of morning air and smile at the sweet smell of honeysuckle and tulip poplar trees in bloom. White cranes quietly skim the waters’ edge as a fisherman slides his boat into the water. A couple of hours’ fishing will net him dinner for his whole family, as well as a peaceful time to talk a few things over with the good Lord.”

     Mrs. Cummins’ delightful recollections go on to recount a fun family day out fishing at Arrow Lake and the bigger life lessons learned on that and many such excursions: “You see, Arrow Lake was a major factor in making me the person I am today: a person who sees beauty and peace in people and places.”

     In recognition of the history and the potential of Arrow Lake and the surrounding lands, the Arrow Lake Foundation has a long-term vision of conserving Arrow Lake and reopening it to the public for health, recreational, and educational opportunities.

     The hope of a future that would allow a return to the Arrow Lake of the past is what motivates Sara Cummins to serve on the Board of Directors of the Arrow Lake Foundation.  “My heart grieves for the good times I might have relived there with my grandchildren. People just whiz by this place of my past without even knowing what a jewel they missed,” Cummins laments. “This is why I serve on the Foundation.  I want to be part of the solution that cleans up the area so Arrow Lake can once again come alive with the laughter of children and the fun of families fishing together.”